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February 4, 2009

Welcome to this Ben 10 Toys – Fan Blog!

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Welcome to this Ben 10 Toys – Fan Blog.  As parents of Ben 10 mad children we have been co-erced into buying many toys from the Ben 10 range, most of them good, some of them bad.  On this blog we will share our thoughts on the Ben 10 toy range and bring you news on anything a Ben 10 parent might be interested in!

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Ben 10 Alien Adventures New Comic

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Ben 10 Alien Adventures Comic

Ben 10 Alien Adventures Comic

At last a Ben 10 Comic has hit the newsagents. It was supposed to come out last month but was hard to find in stores. Finally my Ben 10 fan got his copy and was very pleased with all the bits and bobs that came with it. He especially liked the cards although we’ll have to collect a few more sets before we can play the game properly. This first comic was half price at £1.50 but subsequent issues will be £2.99. The comic itself is good quality and 24 pages long. It includes missions, comic strips, character profiles, a real life alien feature, puzzles and drawing lessons, along with great, colourful pictures. The writing is also quite large and clear for young ones to be able to read themselves. I think the worst bit is that it doesn’t mention the new Alien Force characters. Issue 2 comes with another 8 cards and a bonus pack of 8 cards so one not to miss. Overall a good buy for any Ben 10 fan.

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